Choosing LOVE

I’m reading Sacred Contracts by Caroling Myss who says, “Choice is your greatest power. It is a greater power than love, because you must first choose to be a loving person.” I thought about how this quote relates to not only how we perceive and treat others with cancer, but also how a person chooses to journey through their cancer diagnosis.

In my book, What Makes Them Amazing, Inspiring Stories of Young Adults Fighting Cancer, I chose the word LOVE as the best description for Sammie Sagnelli’s journey in chapter one. As a baby, Sammie was very sick with sinus infections, which made it difficult for her to hear and also affected her ability to relate to others. As a result, Sammie was not a very affectionate child, choosing to be separate from others and not liking to be hugged.  When Sammie was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at age nine, she opened herself up to love and let people in.  I believe that Sammie’s choice was instrumental in her healing.  When Sammie decided to be a more loving person, she valued and treasured these precious relationships, even though she knew those she loved would eventually die. The decision to live her life in the best way possible was stronger than her fear of losing someone.

Sammie Sagnelli–Will be five years cancer free this March!

How we choose to handle any situation or illness in life can have an incredible impact on the outcome.

If you know someone who has cancer, how have you chosen to treat them?  Have you taken a step back from the relationship because you are afraid of loss? Or have you shown love unconditionally and provided comfort any way you can? It’s scary to open yourself up to love, especially if you have suffered from a deep loss.  It’s a great risk to choose love and be compassionate, but as Sammie has found out, it’s a risk worth taking.


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