Starting Over

As a writer, I know the feeling of starting over a story, a character, a scene, a whole novel. It’s fitting to write this first post in my new blog that will combine my life and writing. 

In a big way, we are what we write. Stephen King said that most books are autobiographical, especially for new writers. 

So what happens in my life sometimes shows up in my novels. You never know. You may show up in them too. 

I thought about the novel I am currently trying to write while I was at Music to my Hair getting my hair done for a fundraiser. 

I say trying because when Trey wasn’t curling my hair this way and that, I contemplated how hard it has been to write the third book in my Fianna series. I started this series in 2006. The second book, Eyes of the Goddess, came out in 2010. I wrote two books in between, but where was my story?

After writing many scenes, chapters, and characters, I realize that I have to start over from a new angle. I was jumping too far ahead. 

I have to thank my Super Cool Writing group for help with it. All that I have written wasn’t wasted. It got me here today, and all that I do in life guides me in my stories. 

Maybe someone from the event inspired me. You never know!


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