What Nora Teaches Me About Writing

I have read and listened to most of Nora Roberts’ books, except for the J.D. Robb series. My all-time favorite is the Irish Born Trilogy: Born in Fire, Born in Ice, and Born in Shame

Over the years, I come to expect and know the layout of her books. There’s a traumatic history in the main character’s childhood that totally molds who she will become. Fast forward 10, 20 years and she has it all together and yet that past is always threatening to worm its way into her seemingly perfect life. 

A really good-looking guy will come into the picture, but don’t get too excited, because as much as you like him, he may not be her love interest. He may be the ally. 

Then the guy enters the scene, and he is everything we would predict, but he doesn’t disappoint. 

If it’s a series, it’ll be in threes and we get to know the characters from the next books just enough to keep us intrigued. 

It’s brilliant. It’s Nora. I’m currently reading The Obsession

I have been struggling with my third book in a series, and as I read the first chapter and the jumps through the years, Nora gave me my answer. 

I could continue my story right where Eyes of the Goddess ended and tie up some loose ends, while introducing the main character, Eibhlin. 

Niachra will return to Celtic Ireland with her mother Eithne, and they will raise and train Eibhlin for the coming of the prophecy. We will see the type of person she will become. 

Then flash forward to age 18 when Eibhlin is a mature adult and ready to take on this enemy or is she? How does she feel about carrying the burden of saving her entire culture and the people she loves? 

You’ll find out when I finish the book. But first read Warriors Within and Eyes of the Goddess and send me your thoughts. 


Thanks Nora for entertaining, educating, and excellent writing!


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