I decided today that Harley and I needed to spend some time together. The other day my husband, Lucas, and I went for a quick ride. He noticed I wasn’t leaning into my turns, and it worried him that I wasn’t comfortable on my new bike.

I have been riding dirt bikes most of my life and have ridden a motorcycle for over 20 years. True that it’s seasonal and since I had sold my Kawasaki, I hadn’t really ridden in two years. The worst thing for a rider to be is nervous or scared. Was I feeling that? I didn’t think so, but I also didn’t want to doubt my relationship with my new love.

Getting a new motorcycle is like starting a new relationship. There’s the getting to know it’s personality, how fast it likes to move, and my comfort with its speed. In June I took a Bonding with your Bike safety course and I think Harley and I got to the, “Yes, we are dating,” stage. But we hadn’t had time to be alone together.

So today we took off on our own, and we danced on the road. I went on some winding roads, leaned into my bike like couple twirling around the dance floor. There has to be a sense of trust and one person has to lead. This is one relationship where I am in control, and Harley just goes with the flow.

We did some tight circles and figure eights. We were like Olympic figure skaters in complete unison. Well, most of the time. When I doubt my connection, my relationship with my bike, I falter. I have learned that when I trust my bike, I ride with confidence. Today, Harley and I reached a turning point in our union. It may be time for a ring!



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