Creating Characters

Everyone is a writer. Every writer has their own process when beginning a story. 

This week in my elementary school writing class at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library, we worked on getting to know our characters better. 

A huge part of developing a character and then the plot is finding out what a character fears. Here’s what some of my talented writers came up with:

Knowing why they are afraid of the heat or a pet parrot is important to the story and will hopefully show up as backstory or in a major crisis. 

It’s hard to put a character that we love in tough situations, but that is exactly what keeps a reader on the edge of their seat! Also it keeps the writer interested in creating. We want readers to worry and cheer for their favorite character. So this is when the writer throws a character into their worst fear:

Using their imagination and an anything goes attitude keeps those creative juices flowing. Nothing is a bad idea, especially when it leads to your best idea! 

So whether you are a new writer or an experienced one, get to know your character like you know yourself, then throw them into the fire and see what happens!

Happy Writing!


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