Last night was the first gathering of my next session of Journaling for Healing and Self-Awareness. This group includes those who have come before and have seen the benefits of journaling for their personal memoirs, life goals, and recording dreams, while others came to develop the practice of journaling for healing and self-discovery.

Every workshop is different, and I love that I often learn as I teach. I always begin with organizing a journal using the Bullet Journal system I have personalized for my own use. (You can go to for the exact way to set up your journal for calendar use.

The wonderful part of journaling is that you can personalize it to whatever your goals and interests are. For example, in addition to numbering your pages and listing the titles of your journal entries so you can find them again, one participant indexed what she was going to journal about! She added symbols so if she is training for a 5K perhaps she would index with that symbol. It’s a great way to keep the purpose of your journal in mind.

To me journaling is opening your heart to let out the bad stuff so it isn’t toxic, but it’s also to let in the good stuff to expand your heart and mind. It’s like giving yourself hugs and kisses. Journaling isn’t always about writing all the misgivings, tragedies, and sorrows. It’s also about recording the good times, the successes, and joys in your life, so you can remember when times are hard.

We worked on what I called the Garden of Purpose.

Sarah’s Creative Purpose!

Everyone wrote down positive characteristics (seeds) about themselves like Sarah did in the center of her page. From there I asked everyone what they wanted to grow, stimulate, and strengthen in their personal lives and how their seeds helped them do that. The idea is to write a statement of purpose to help guide you in life when you are figuring out your goals or need to stay on track. If you are asked to do something and it’s not in line with what you want to cultivate or grow, then maybe the answer should be no.

I clarified my purpose, but also need to make sure that I don’t take on too much. Having this handy, keeps me on the path that is in line with who I am and what I want to do with my life.


Try it and see how you do. With spring approaching, this is the perfect time to grow your purpose!


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