Bringing your Shit in with You

Julianne from the Green Monkey yoga studio

I had the pleasure of taking a vinyasa yoga class with Julianne when I was in Miami. She immediately invited us to bring out shit in with us instead of leaving it at the door. Many times we come to our mats and forget about the world outside. 

Yoga isn’t about numbing out and tamping down our feelings. It’s about being in a space where we can work through our feelings and whatever is coming up for us. 

I liked her perspective because yoga isn’t separate from life. What I learn on the mat crosses over into my everyday world. Breathing through difficult and challenging poses teaching me how to breathe through life’s hardships. But it also reminds me to be present to all the joys that life offers. 

I sweated, I rejoiced in Julianne’s motivating words, and I revelled in my warrior spirit that shot forward through my struggles. 

I highly recommend going to the Green Monkey if you are ever in Miami! And say hi to Kiera!


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