This past Monday was the Boston marathon. I never really thought too much about it, except knowing that it happened and of course when the bombing occurred in 2013, I felt the fear and tragedy that everyone experienced.


This year one of my best friends had qualified to run. She has had to overcome some very tough personal and physical obstacles, so our tribe ventured out to support her. We made posters and arrived around the 6 mile mark and then the 15 mile mark. As we waited, I watched all the runners and marveled at their tenacity. Some were dressed up like Forrest Gump or Napoleon Dynamite. A man carried the American flag as he ran on a prosthetic leg.

girls and posters


karen and girls

A man was running close to the sidewalk, and he looked like he was struggling. I yelled encouraging words like, “You can do it! Keep going!” He yelled back, “I’m not running!” My friend, Colleen, and I laughed. We yelled, “Do it anyway!”

Then we saw Kathy. She ran with her friend, Heather, and they were an amazing support system for each other. The emotion we all felt seeing her and coming together to hug was incredible. Kathy’s strength and determination to Do it Anyway, despite her fears or doubts, is beyond inspiring.


Our tribe of women warriors are strong and will basically do whatever is needed to help one of ours cross the finish line. Kathy thanked us and my angel, Nick, for being there for her. Despite all our group has gone through, the loss, the current illnesses that two of our tribeswomen are dealing with, we Do it Anyway.

We live life, we laugh, and we challenge ourselves to do the very best we can. Sometimes that entails going beyond what we thought we could do. I am in awe of my gals, Kathy and Colleen, for they are examples of living life through adversity in their own way. Two totally different women who have spirit, tenacity, strength, courage, and kick ass attitudes. That doesn’t mean that every day is flowers and sunshine. It takes courage to ask your tribe to hold you up. It takes strength to break down and cry. It takes a kick ass attitude to run a marathon when you feel like shit. But you Do it Anyway, because you are alive and because you can.

To all the ladies in my tribe–I am blessed to have you in my corner, and I will fight for you anytime!



2 thoughts on “Do It Anyway!

  1. Our tribe is pretty amazing!! I could not walk my journey without all of you by my side. The challenging times, when the walk turns rocky and my ankles twist and I feel like I’m going to fall, I know I have all of you by my side to steady me. The not so lollypop and sunshiney days, when Iris says “just let it all out and have a good cry sister!” The days when we see Kathy, who fought so hard, and we all just wash our faces with happy and triumphant tears! Life is a journey. Our journeys have ups, they have downs but life is living in this very day and finding the beauty in it. Blessed to have such a wonderful life and such beautiful sisters!

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