Great Night with Echo Heron

Last night I went with my mom and Julie to the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library to listen to Echo Heron speak about her book Noon at Tiffany’s. 

She currently lives in California, but was born in Troy, NY. The book is about Clara Woolcott, a daring young artist who designed glass for Louis Tiffany. She was responsible for the design of his famous lamps and through Heron’s book got the praise she deserved. 

Echo Heron

Her talk was interesting, but I love the synchronicities that brought her to this project. Heron is a trauma nurse and wrote many books about being a critical care nurse. 

In 2007, she heard a snippet on NPR about women who deserved credit and didn’t get it. Her books often championed extraordinary women, so this story grabbed her. 

For 5 1/2 years she read all of the 1,300 round robin letters that Clara, her sisters, and her mother wrote and did extensive research. 

When she pulled out a letter, she wondered how her own letter got there as their handwriting was almost the same. Another connection. 

Also when she and her husband went to the cemetery to find Clara’s plot, they walked  directly to it and also met her fourth cousin. The stars aligned and this book became a reality. 

Echo’s husband, Steve, was just as fabulous. I spoke with him beforehand, and he is a huge supporter!

While Echo was signing books, her husband was having trouble with credit card transactions. So of course I went over and said, “Hi! I do this all the time. Can I help you?” Steve readily agreed!

As you can see, he was happy and I enjoyed it! He praised nurses and said how they were so much more important than us doctors. So Julie asked if he was a doctor. Turns out he’s an eye surgeon. Julie got free advice on her eyes!

It was a fabulous night, and I highly recommend her books!


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