You think you know me

So safe in my calm demeanor

It elevates your trust

Soothes your overactive mind.


Poem inspired by South Beach, Miami, FL

I lure you with promises

Of warmth and comfort

Come further into my lapping arms

Let down your guard and let me in.

I give and you take

It’s always been that way

You are lulled into this

False send of complacency.

Then when I need

You are not there

You walk away not willing to give

In this one-sided relationship.

So I swell and I ache

I rage within at the unfairness

Until my emotions burst forward

And I am no longer calm.


I am chaos unleashed

As my anger lifts into waves of despair

My colors reflect my emotion, my disappointment

My unwillingness to remain still and let you have your way.


So Out! Out with your faking

Your convenient lovemaking

I soar and I flow

I ride the waves of my freedom.

If you stay, I will take you under

and plunder that wretched heart

That never put me first

I will no longer take part in your selfishness.

miamibeach4.18.3I rise. I rise until what I was

Is no longer here

Until I am washed clean

Of all that was you.

Then I calm. I am soothed

I no longer feel battered and abused

And I wait to see

Who may finally love me for me.



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