It’s fitting that my final project for my Business Class for Artist Entrepreneurs should be a puzzle featuring the inspiration for my second book in The Puzzle Quests’ series called Saving Atlantis.

My art and my life are entwined. I can’t separate myself from my life experiences, my children, and how they have shaped me. I wouldn’t want to as I have learned and loved so much.

As Luke and I place each piece, parts of Saving Atlantis come back to me: Rose’s determination and tough attitude in karate, the powerful bond among friends, siblings, and cousins, the addition of Quinn and McKenzie that brings another level of action and suspense to the story.

There are many pieces to a story just as there are to a puzzle. And as each piece is placed, I feel a connection to the muse that brought forth this story.

In one section a piece has a part of Marisa, Nick’s cousin, on it. This piece attaches to complete a picture of Nick. He is inextricably linked to his cousins, his brother, and his friends.

The camaraderie that was so present back when these photos were taken practically pops out of the puzzle like when Meriwether popped out of Luke and Peter’s finished puzzle in the first book.

Fiction softens the harshness of reality, but it also enhances the beauty and love in the world. This puzzle reminds me of all the joy these incredible children shared. It motivates me to keep writing their story, because even amongst sadness there is the joy of memories.

Placing the traditional last piece.

I can’t wait to share my book and this final project on September 28 at The Arts Center of the Capital Region. Go to for all my book events.

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