Ask Away!!

Ask Away!!



My favorite part of promoting a new book is connecting with my readers and hearing their questions. I especially love watching kids burst with questions and ideas. The questions they come up with are interesting and sometimes mind boggling, because of their insightfulness.

One of the kids on my husband’s soccer team started reading Shimmer’s Eggs and had a ton of questions for Luke today at his game. Luke said he wished I had gone to the game just so I could answer them for him.


I want to give kids and anyone who has questions a chance to ask away. Of course, I hope you come to my upcoming book events on November 18 from 3-4:30pm at The Book House at Stuyvesant Plaza. This is a book signing, but you can definitely ask questions and buy a book!

My book launch party will be on December 10 from 1-2:30pm at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library. At this event, I will share the inspirations for my book, talk about my writing process, have a group writing adventure, and save a lot of time for questions. You can register for that at

But if you absolutely can’t wait to ask a question, there are two ways you can get some answers. The first is to email me at and follow this blog. I will post the answers here with your questions in the title.

Another place you can ask questions and get the answer is on my Goodreads page. In addition to asking questions, you can check out my other books and until November 30, enter a giveaway to win one of five of my autographed books!

Comments, reviews, suggestions for book two, which I have already started, as well as questions are more than welcome! I look forward to hearing from you!


In the Book House

Monday my SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)  met at The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza for a writers’ field trip. It was a change of pace from where we usually meet, and it was probably one of the most effective gatherings for me.

As you may know, I’m finalizing my next book called The Puzzle Quests: Shimmer’s Eggs. Carol Coogan who designed my book, What Makes Them Amazing: The Inspiring Stories of Young Adults Fighting Cancer, is currently working on the cover. I have been calling it a middle grade novel, but wanted to make sure that I had it right. Some advice was that it was based on the age of the characters, or the word count, subject matter, or level of reading.

According to an article I found on “Middle Grade Books are written for kids approximately 8-12.  The language has to be modified to complement their lexile ranges, but it is not acceptable to write in a way that is pedantic.  Themes should be relevant: adventure is essential, parents are generally absent, romance is light if present, happy endings are the norm, and the protagonist is always in the age range of the readers or slightly older.”

In my book, Luke and Mark are 11 and entering 7th grade, which Peter and Rose are 9 and going into 5th grade. Time travel through a puzzle is definitely adventurous, parents aren’t usually around to keep them from getting into trouble, just a smidgen of romantic interest, and although the ending isn’t what may be expected, it’s hopeful.

According to a blog post by Writers Digest, a middle grade novel word count is between 20,000-55,000 words. Mine is just over 50,000, so I think Middle Grade is the right category for this book.

Understanding where my book will fit on the shelves of bookstores is essential to marketing it and getting booksellers to purchase it. I believe I’m in the right spot and look forward to sharing it soon.

Next step? Finding a printer.